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My Childhood Storyteller  

I think some of my fondest memories of Val stem from my childhood. 

Being the "Big Sister", she often was stuck babysitting her younger siblings.  I'm not sure if it was because she loved creating stories or if it was her way of releasing some of her pent-up frustrations, but she could tell scary stories like no other.  I swear Stephen King would have hid under the covers after hearing one of her tales. 

One story in particular haunts me to this day. The story was of an ice princess who was held captive in an cave beneath the sea by an octopus monster.  As she would tell the tale to her wide-eyed sisters, she would use her hand to show us how it moved like a spider, but with one leg (her thumb) dragging behind.  Oh Yeah! That freaked me.  Here I am nearly 50 and I still remember that dragging thumb like it was yesterday.  As scary as it was, I must have asked her to tell me that story again at least a hundred times.

Her Little Sis,


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